Artists opinion

Art is delivered expression. The medium is a translation of the artists soul, seen and felt by those that view. The cause of creation can be planned, as well action of art is a living vibe, feel, flow, colour, direction and emotion, growth and peace. Actualized aesthetics.

Personally, when I paint I see turtles and eagles, serpents and sea creatures, eyes of the unknown set with character and history: all these images amongst a scene al natural; oceans to jungles sometimes painted is aliveness of the universe seen from a far, flow, colour, painting storey.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Flight" Acrylic on canvas Abstract Art Sydney by Matthew James Anderson

Life and pleasure, what will one do to be better, calm on top “trit trot” king of what? Please buy these paintings to fund this artist for building, creating, making more imagination brought forth; there, here and now caring the future may be good.


  1. fantastic mate, Is there a way to have a high resolution photo so we can see it in all it's glory??

    Looking great brother =)

  2. cheers man, will look around for a better camera